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Why Learn with The Farsi Pod?


Focused on real, current standard Persian as spoken in Iran today


Prepared by experienced and certified native Farsi teachers


Useful for students as well as teachers


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What Our Listeners Are Saying

FarsiPod podcasts are perfect for my level of Persian (Intermediate). The podcasts are challenging enough to push my knowledge to higher levels, but not so difficult that they are incomprehensible and intimidating.

The subject matter is varied and engaging, reflecting real-life situations – unlike so many other resources that are bland and boring.

Michael Legg

Farsi Learner

The Farsi Pod is a great way to learn Farsi! The podcasts use real conversations. The accompanying PDF files are extremely helpful to understanding, while also building reading skills and vocabulary. The podcasts allow me to study on my own, with native Farsi instructors.


Farsi Learner

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