Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is the FarsiPod different from other Farsi/ Persian websites?

People often spend hundreds of hours and a lot of money trying to learn Persian.
The result? Sadly, most of them can’t speak Persian in a natural way.
This is because the vast majority of Persian language courses focus on literary or written Persian, which does not equip students to converse with native Persian speakers!
This is where the FarsiPod stands out above the rest!
The FarsiPod is designed to help you continue to improve your Persian so that you can reach your language goals – and speak like a real Persian!

I’m only an intermediate speaker of Farsi. Are these podcasts for me?

Yes! Our podcasts are designed especially for intermediate learners but are not “leveled” or arranged in order of difficulty and can be used by all intermediate and advanced Persian learners.

I’m not sure if these lessons are for me. Are there any free podcasts so I can try them first?

Of course! Download your Free Podcasts now

How long are your podcasts?

Each podcast is approximately 15 minutes in length and includes a PDF study guide

What specifically do I get in each podcast?

Each podcast contains two parts:

  1. An MP3 audio file
  2. A PDF study guide

The audio file is a 15-minutes podcast. The theme of each podcast is drawn from a broad range of topics.

The PDF learning guide includes:

  • A complete transcript of the dialogue
  • Detailed explanations in Farsi/Persian
  • English equivalents of new vocabularies and expressions
  • Transliteration of the text
What devices is the FarsiPod compatible with?

All of our files are delivered in MP3 and PDF formats, so you can use them in any computer, tablet or smartphone with PDF and MP3 capabilities. This means that the FarsiPod is compatible with virtually any modern device.

Will using the FarsiPod actually help me improve in my spoken Persian?

Research into language acquisition over the last 40 years has consistently shown that humans acquire language through the consumption of “Comprehensible Input”, that is, material in the target language in which the message is understood.

This means that the classical methods of language instruction – grammar drills, memorizing vocabulary lists, etc. – will not help you to become fluent in a second language.

By means of our podcasts, the FarsiPod will expose you to input (vocabulary and grammar) in context. This contextual delivery along with the use of our study guides will make that content comprehensible.

This is what makes our method effective and why regular use of our material will help you improve your spoken Persian.

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