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Where you can transform your spoken Persian!

Over 10 Years of Teaching

What’s so different about the FarsiPod

There are very few useful and effective resources available today for learning spoken Persian (or “Farsi” as it is pronounced in Persian).

The vast majority of Persian language courses focus on literary or written Persian, which does not equip students to converse with native Persian speakers!

This is where the FarsiPod stands out above the rest!

Our mission is to teach you how to speak and understand Persian the way it’s actually used by native speakers in everyday conversations. Our episodes are always focused on real, current standard Persian as spoken in Iran today. 

If you want to learn Persian in order to actually use it in everyday settings, you’ve come to the right place!


How do we achieve this?

We’ve taken natural Persian conversations and turned them into lessons which focus on developing the most important skills required for communication: speaking and listening. This includes familiarizing students with the vocabulary that Iranians use in everyday life – not the literary vocabulary on which so many other Persian learning resources are focused.

The FarsiPod is designed to help you continue to improve your Persian so that you can reach your language goals – and speak like a real Persian!

Our podcasts here are perfect for:

Intermediate non-native speakers wanting to work on their spoken Persian

Advanced learners who want to improve their speaking skills

Teachers, native and non-native alike, who teach Persian

How do the podcasts work?

Each podcast is accompanied by what we call a “Study Guide”. These Study Guides contain fantastic aids and resources such as dialogue transcripts, glossaries and detailed explanations both in Persian and English.

The Study Guides are designed to be used alongside the podcasts, so the most effective way to study with FarsiPod is to follow along in the relevant study guide while you listen.


Will using the FarsiPod actually help me improve in my spoken Persian?

Research into language acquisition over the last 40 years has consistently shown that humans acquire language through the consumption of “Comprehensible Input”, that is, material in the target language in which the message is understood.

This means that the classical methods of language instruction – grammar drills, memorizing vocabulary lists, etc. – will not help you to become fluent in a second language.

By means of our podcasts, the FarsiPod will expose you to input (vocabulary and grammar) in context. This contextual delivery along with the use of our study guides will make that content comprehensible.

This is what makes our method effective and why regular use of our material will help you improve your spoken Persian.


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